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If you get an error message such as "Could not instantiate mail function" or "An error occurred while sending the registration e-mail notification", then you need to make a change to one of the Joomla configuration parameters. Use the SMTP method with an e-mail address from your domain (or PHP Mail without specifying an address).

Actions to be carried out

Apply CHMOD 0666 to the "configuration.php" file
Log into the Joomla interface and go to Configuration -> Server

Specify the following (see Fig. 1):
Mail Server: SMTP
Site E-Mail: an e-mail belonging to the domain
Sender Name: the sender
SMTP Authentication: Yes
SMTP Security: TLS
SMTP Port: 587
SMTP User: an e-mail belonging to the domain
SMTP Password: the corresponding password
SMTP Server:

Or (Fig. 2)
Mail server: PHP Mail
Site e-mail: must be left blank

Illustrated steps

Fig. 1

Corresponding result:

Fig. 2

Corresponding result:

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