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100: OK to continue
101: server has changed protocols
200: request completed successfully
201: object created, reason = new URI
202: request completed asynchronously (TBS)
203: request processed incompletely
204: no info to return
205: request completed, but form empty
206: incomplete GET request
300: server cannot determine return code
301: object permanently moved
302: document temporarily moved
303: redirection with new access method
304: if-modified-since field was not modified
305: redirection to proxy, location header specifies proxy to use
307: HTTP/1.1:
400: syntax error in document path
401: access denied
402: payment required
403: request forbidden by server
404: object not found
405: method is not allowed
406: request not accepted by server
407: proxy authentication required
408: server timed out waiting for request
409: user should resubmit with more info
410: the resource is no longer available
411: the server refused to accept the request without a length
412: precondition given in request failed
413: request entity was too large
414: request URI too long
415: unsupported media type
500: internal server error
501: request not supported
502: error response received from gateway
503: service not available
504: timeout waiting for gateway
505: HTTP version not supported

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