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To change your email account password, you must have a valid Webmail login for the address whose password you wish to change.

Actions to be carried out

Log into your Webmail
In the menu under your logged-in user name in the top-right corner, select E-mail Settings
Under the General tab, click Change Password

To change the password used to access your Webmail:
Go to My Account -> Login details -> Your control panel logins
Click on the Edit button located to the right of the Password row.

More information

The password that you use to log into your Webmail (along with a username in the form of an e-mail address) and the password for the specific e-mail address that you access from within your Webmail are not connected in any way. Specifically, this means that if you change either one of these passwords, the other will remain unaffected, despite the fact that initially, the two passwords appear "identical".

To recap:

You log into your Webmail with the user account and password toto123.
The e-mail address (password toto123) is then fetched by the Webmail system.

If you change the password for your Webmail access account to 010203, your Webmail will continue to fetch mail from the address in question, as the password for the actual e-mail account (toto123) is not affected and will remain in memory.

If you change the password for the e-mail address that is fetched in Webamil to XYZ789, then you will still be able to log into Webmail with (password toto123), but once logged in, a message will ask you to specify the password for the default e-mail address, (for which you will need to enter XYZ789).

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